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Accounts Receivable

Flexible reporting, in-depth audit trails, subsidiary Accounts Receivable Trade Accounts, immediate on-line transaction application and multi-level query capability of your customer base are just a few of the basic functions built into the Accounts Receivable module.  This module manages the receivables arising from any invoicing activity and may accept interface input from any 3rd-party system.  The capabilities of the AR mdoule include invoice and statement printing, aged trial balance, credit/collection letters, cash receipts posting, multi-subsidiary trade accounts, a cash position statement, and customer, transaction type and transaction code analysis.  Record charge purchases and all financial activity of your customers and produce free-form statements based upon user-defined cycles, customer type codes or selected groups of customers.  Aged Trial Balances keep you informed of outstanding aged balances - current and past due.  On-demand customer analysis capability gives you the power to instantly access billing history in summary and detail format.  Following are some additional outstanding features of the GAAP Accounts Receivable module:

  • Built-in invoice templates or custom designed invoices, including a database interface to Microsoft Word documents for invoice production.

  • A/R payment-on-account application.

  • Accepts partial payment of invoices; cash receipts may be applied to multiple invoices and additionally post amounts to the general ledger (over/short, etc), put amounts on-account and even issue immediate refunds of overpayments.

  • May post manual invoices and debit/credit memos to adjust any invoice balance.

  • Customer Open Invoice Listings.

  • Automatic Finance Charge calculation rate may be individually assigned by customer.

  • Aged Trial Balances and Statement Printing for current as well as prior periods on an open-item or balance forward basis, with thirty-day or monthly aging cycles.

  • Transaction Codes may be pre-defined with default G/L debit/credit accounts and/or fixed transaction amounts in order to cut down on posting time.

  • Instant Customer balance audit trails in summary by accounting period or in detail for any range of dates with selection criteria by customer, company, and subsidiary A/R Trade account provide timely audit and reconciliation reports.

  • Zero-balance invoice removal process before or after statement printing.

  • Automatic interface to the General Ledger, Sales Order Processing, and Job Cost modules of GAAP.

  • Multi-company and multi-subsidiary accounting simultaneously on the same customer base.

  • Instant look-up of customer information by either name or number or user-specified indexes.

  • Cash receipts posting allows the option of automatic payment distribution starting with the “oldest” invoice, presentation mode displaying invoices which have unpaid balances and manual mode whereby credits are directed to specific invoices by the user.